Remember Manilatown Longsleeve T-shirt


At 3 in the morning on August 4, 1977, the police blocked off the streets surrounding the I-Hotel in San Fransisco's Manilatown. Fully dressed in riot gear, armed with clubs and sledgehammers, the police were there to evict the tenants living in the hotel. Some three thousand protestors stood their ground to protect the elderly tenants who called the I-Hotel home, but were ultimately unable to stop the police. They were brutally forced out of the way, and the doors were busted down. The last 50 manongs living in the I-Hotel suddenly became homeless overnight, and many did not live much longer after being evicted. The hotel was demolished in 1981. In total, 197 tenants were evicted.

Shirt is printed with water based ink on 100% cotton long sleeve T-shirt.